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  What we have to offer is TWO of the most advanced new home building technology packages available today – Enviro System and American RTM Homes™.

Our Building System – Enviro System℠ – can change the way new homes are built by making advanced super energy efficient construction easy to implement for contractors or home builders - and affordable for new home buyers.

Enviro System delivers advanced energy efficiency using unique construction processes and specialized building components to greatly reduce energy costs in harsher northern climates - while in more temperate climates like that of the Pacific Northwest, it can provide Near Zero or Net Zero new homes.

It can give contractors or home builders out-of-the-box capability to cost-effectively exceed, not just energy codes, but advanced energy codes for next generation new homes – by using a time tested and proven in actual use Building System.

Previously our proprietary Building System was only offered as part of the American RTM Homes technology package for developing production and sales capability in the RTM or Redi-Built Home industry – it was used to gain an exclusive marketing advantage for these businesses.

While RTM or Redi Built Homes  are the best way to cost-effectively build high quality new homes for remote rural markets like those in South Dakota and western Minnesota, or new strong developing markets where labor and housing shortages exist like the Bakken Region of western North Dakota, eastern Montana, and southern Saskatchewan, this industry’s widespread growth remains limited by geographic and demographic factors.

What was proven by American RTM Homes™ is just how much our Building System can offer to everyone – from energy utilities to home builders and contractors to the home buyers – who is trying to advance the energy efficiency levels of new homes to reduce both the cost of ownership and its carbon footprint.

For this reason ATech has now changed its marketing focus to make Enviro System available on a much broader scale to home builders or contractors wanting to gain a competitive advantage - over the more commonly used, and more costly advanced energy efficient building options offered by SIP’s (Structural Insulated Panels) and Spray Foam Insulation.

To accomplish this ATech is now pursuing strategic joint ventures with organizations who, on a regional basis, have a commitment to increasing energy efficiency in new homes - like Rural Electric Co-ops or the energy efficiency arms of electrical utilities like the Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance or private - public initiatives like the Home Performance Coalition.

What we have now learned is just how advanced Enviro System is – to see cost and performance comparisons go to Our Building System section.

Bottom line is that our Building System has so much more to offer than other current options – and we are now offering it because we are all in this thing - called life - together. 


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